Art blogging

Earlier this year, I started blogging on My articles are about what’s going on in the art world nationally and internationally. Clicking on the links you can check out my older posts:

“Anywhere, somewhere, MaxWhere” – bringing virtual art galleries to all, a truly fascinating 3D experience, to find out more:

Kepesita Collection, a fascinating initiative is centred on the theme of travel and being on the road, but is it merely a drop in the ocean of art collection or the beginning of a new wave of Hungarian collectors…:

An interview with one of the founders of Gallery Tool:

An interesting French artist using humor as a way of depicting society:

I visited two enthusiastic, young and successful gallerists in Valencia, Spain:

Meditating on technology and its connection to art:

About new and rich collectors, what will the future bring:

Top 5 Instagram galleries to follow: