„Camouflage implies a seeing eye from which to hide.” Adolf Portmann

This triptych depicts the imaginary interpretation of camouflage. This naturally occurring phenomenon usually serves its user to merge with its environment. It occurs when certain creatures mimic the appearance, colour and odour of their environment. Camouflage happens if this synthesis´ function is for self-protection, or being under-cover. My paintings represent human figures who take on different forms in order to adapt to their surroundings. In this way, they achieve their full assimilation, and experience disappearance. These adapted forms can also give them protective functions. The grass, with its soft and sharp blades; a nest with its gentle, interwoven, yet stable structure; and the spiky agave with its fibre filled leaves, can serve as perfect shelter for a person wishing to become “invisible”. This fusion with nature can provide a refugee against social, political, cultural, psychological, racial and religious discrimination.