The Invisibles of Kolda

invisibles of Kolda 2



Dimensions and materials: oil on linen, 40×40 cm, 2015-2016 and video installation – looped stop-motion animation film, 2016

Project description:

These paintings are dedicated to 160 young men from Kolda, Senegal who disappeared into nothingness in the Atlantic Ocean 23rd April 2007. Their disappearance was practically invisible in the Western media. They have been invisible and they remain invisible to us and the Western world.

I hope to continue and complete this series.

For this project, I obtained the photographs of Kolda’s young men (in forms of ID cards) from José Naranjo, freelance journalist. José and I were in email and skype communication.

“When young Africans immigrate to Europe, they are made an amulet so to become invisibles, cross the borders and the sea without being seen. I try to break this magic spell and make visible those who die in ship wreaks during the intent of getting to our shores, or stay stuck forever in the middle of the desert, those who manage to get here and do the work nobody else wants, but who at the same time, are denied of their rights, and those who try to fit in, and hardly ever get in the media.”

José Naranjo, freelance journalist, Canary Islands, Spain