Dimensions and materials:

  1. oil on canvas, 72×91 cm, 2015; 2. digital print, 42×59.4cm (constellations displayed on the image are taken from the ‘De-tension’ puzzle game) , 2016; 3. oil on canvas, 84x112cm, 2015, stop motion animation, built from photoshop drawings of polygonal shaped boats (the boats’ shapes were taken from photographic images found online when looking for “cayucos” and “pateras” words), projected onto the canvas

Text displayed with works:

For African migrants departure points are on the western African coasts. They usually embark in small wooden boats (cayucos from Mauritania and Senegal, pateras from Maghreb), and more recently, inflatable rubber boats. These boats are able to carry about 70-160 people at a time. The travellers may be equipped with GPS and satellite telephones given by the smugglers. But most of the time these technical equipments are not fully charged, not functioning properly, or stop working altogether while still on the sea.