My second solo show was built around the concept of how nature and natural elements are torn to our needs of contemporary life. I reinterpret collage in painting, creating a new (sur)reality.

I use collage to build a new reality in the visual space. For my works, I take the best fitting parts I need, which could be the most usual thing from my environment. Snatching it from its natural place it goes through a complete transformation, gaining a new meaning, power and identity. In the process of creating a collage, different elements lose their original meaning and substance; from their torn parts they form a new and interesting unit on the canvas. The image components, the reality fragments pose a number of questions to be answered, such as how to include nature in our lives, how to identify with it, how to observe it, how to understand its existence and its relation to us. These paintings also speak about our unbalanced existence created by the separation from nature, but also seek to find a possible re-encounter with it again.



megnyito 6