Artist residency in Tuscany

I’m in San Sano, Tuscany, Italy at the Kahan Eva Art Foundation‚Äôs artist residency for a month, in January 2020. Ever so grateful for this wonderful opportunity! ūü•į‚̧ԳŹ I cannot think of a better way to start the new year!

Godot Young Generation Art Fair at Godot Institute of Contemporary Art (GICA), 1st – 13th October 2019

Proud to be selected again for this special collective exhibition, showcasing hundreds of emerging young Hungarian artists at the new GICA art factory building. Go and check it out and buy some cool art! You can find many of my paintings for sale too. 


‘Immersed in pattern and space, in Japan’, 1 week exclusive pop-up show of my artworks created while in Japan for a month

Come and join me at the opening on 15th Aug 2019, at 6 pm, at MŇĪterem Gallery/Caf√©, Budapest, Hungary

kiallitas 2 jpg

‘Velvet Ropes LA’ at 0-0 LA Gallery – 10 of my recent paper works traveled to GIFC Worldwide, Los Angeles, USA

Ever so happy to be invited to Velvet Ropes LA, 18-19th May 2019, at Zero Zero Gallery LA. Don’t miss this opportunity! Go and get a lovely work by a young emerging artist!

My drawings are travelling next to Velvet Ropes Austin, Texas on 22nd June at Martha’s Contemporary Gallery.

velvet rope

Zine collaboration – Empty Horses

I was thrilled when invited to collaborate in the zine, accompanying the brilliant experimental film, Empty Horses by Peter Lichter. With the company of 11 other Hungarian and international artists, we were asked to create an impression, inspired by this great satire.

To find out more:

BU – BE – International exhibition in Beer-Sheva, Israel

Ever so proud to be co-curating with Israel Rabinovitz an international exhibition in Beer-Sheva, Israel. Pictures from the opening, see below.

invitation_BU-BE 2


Graphic design collaboration – NoKantDo

I was asked to create playful and representative icons for a freelance collective’s website. I had so much fun creating these images in Illustrator.

Check out their website to see all my icon designs:

Young Generation Art Fair – Godot Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Collective show opening – so happy to be included, December 2018

SIAC 5th Anniversary Group Show, Zagreb, Croatia

Some of my paintings and videos, accompanied by my lovely artist friends’ wonderful artworks too, are being shown in the Hungarian Balassi Institute of Zagreb, Croatia. Definitely worth checking them out! Show opening is on 11th Oct 2018.


SIAC 2018 – Artist-in-residence, Splitska, Croatia

Back to my beloved island Brac in Croatia. This time I was super inspired by water. I had such a fantastic and arty time, surrounded by beautiful nature and lovely fellow artists. Check out the artworks I created during the residency under my ‘SIAC Artist residencies’ menu title.

‘Words as image’ – Collective show in Israel

So happy to participate in this show with two wonderful artists, Israel Rabinovitz and Jennifer Bloch

Being a model this time…

My wonderful artist friend’s, √Āgota Krn√°cs’ ( photo is being featured in contemporary photo book, Imitation of Life by Antonio Muratore and Silvia Colombo ( I am delighted to be her model and inspiration.


Xmas edition group show at Latarka Gallery Budapest

Participating in a ‘Xmas’ exhibition with lots of other great young Hungarian artists. The best ever Xmas present you can give your loved ones is a contemporary artwork. Check out this show if you are in Budapest during the holidays.

Art blogger

I’ve started writing blog articles for Gallery Tools, an online gallery connecting artists and gallerists effectively.

Check out my first article about the Top 5 Instagram galleries:


Collective show – “Wild Art”

I recently participated in a fantastic one night pop-up exhibition called Wild Art. Almost 700 people came to see a vibrant selection of all art forms, including paintings, installations, video art, poetry, performance and music. A brilliant initiative whose aim is to bring art closer to the public.


Show opening – ‘COLOURFIELDS’

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmy mono-type series lies in the pure interaction of colour, creating new fields of existence: a synesthetic encounter. These colourfields, experienced through the senses, might recall a memory of a particular song, a scent, a deep feeling, or a landscape in the viewer. Our postmodern living and rational thinking sometimes disable us from such deep body-conscious experience. In my prints, I place particular emphasis on the visual manifestation of metonymy. Abstract expressionism and minimal art (“less is more”) inspired these works.

Date: 6:30 pm, Thursday, 28th September 2017
Location: Mosaik, Budapest, XIII., Pannónia street 32.
No entry fee.
The exhibition is open till 31st October, 2017.





‘Thou art that’ – Performance at Puccs Gallery, Budapest



I took part in this exciting performance in Puccs Gallery (, Budapest, Hungary on 25th May 2017.

Find out more about this show in my Performance section.

Solo Show – “Memory Patterns”, Budapest, Hungary

My new solo show is on until the 25th March 2017 in Fonó Music and Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary.

I deconstruct family¬†photos into abstract and figurative elements and make them into collages on my easel. I freeze time and revive it with a new meaning in the painting. With the emphasis on the abstract elements and patterns I suspend time, giving the represented moment a timeless presence. In a way, I illustrate and paint my memories and their photographic portrayals; I create a time bubble where imagination and instinctive perception get trapped in. My beaming palette illuminates these scenes of constructed memories. I choose to paint with vivid colours so to create the necessary tension between memory and its new life. This show’s paintings were created between 2012 and 2015.


Pictures from the opening:

Solo Show – NATURA(L)COLLAGE, Budapest, Hungary

My solo show is on until the 29th Aug in Kelet Kávézó és Galéria, Budapest, Hungary. Come and have a look.

Some pictures from the opening:

SIAC 2016 – Artist-in-residence, Splitska, Croatia

Back to my beloved island Brac – inspired by nature


Presentation and workshop with my artistic postcards – “Wish you were here!”

at 2016 SiT International Working Meeting, Le√°nyfalu, Hungary (SiT = Systems in Transition, International Association of Mental Health Professionals and Social Scientists)

“Migration II: Critique of the social context and clinical perspectives” – the topic of SiT’s meeting

Some pictures from the 29th April 2016 event:



My postcards will appear at an event called Xenophobia 2016 organised by MigSzol Hungary on 29th April 2016 .There will be discussions on how to raise our voices against scapegoating and the xenophobic propaganda, as well as, the new(est) asylum legislation, the abolition of the integration support and also about structural homelessness in Hungary which affects more and more refugees too.As part of the event, my postcards will be distributed among participants to express thoughts, ideas and critique on the discussed topics, and later sent to members of the Hungarian Parliament. All the messages will be collected and sent together as a collective statement against the status quo.Here is the Facebook event page for more information in English and Hungarian: and join us! 


Solo Show

In March I inaugurated my¬†solo show called Invisibles – Viewpoint.Migration in eReSZ Kult√ļr Pont, Budapest, Hungary. Here are some pics from the opening.


Here is a recent article about me in (a Hungarian cultural online magazine):


If you fancy an arty and culinary experience in one, please go and check out some of my works exhibited with three other artists’ works at Kollázs Brasserie & Bar in the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest. Reserve a table and check it out.


Here is an article about the exhibition (in Hungarian):

Artist Residency

In June 2015, I participated in an artist-in-residence program in SIAC, Splitska, Croatia.


“Rites of Passage”, Sporting Russafa, Valencia,¬†Spain

Group show with Marta Balla, Russell Chater, Miyuki Kasahara, Calum F. Kerr, Josie McCoy, Rose Smith, Lex Thomas, Mimei Thompson and Clare Wilson.


Pop-up show

One of my paintings was exhibited in a pop-up show organized by two enthusiastic young curators, in Hotel Rum, Budapest

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