SIAC Artist residencies

SIAC – International Artist Residency, Splitska, Croatia


Working with water elements this time, as an extension of my ‘Water and I’ project I started earlier this year.

I became Ophelia in the waters of Splitska and I was reborn in colours again.

Title: Ophelia Remixed

Acrylic and embroidery on paper, A4
Digital photo (credit – N’ual)
Acrylic and embroidery on paper, A4
Ophelia Remixed
Ophelia Remixed – installation

Title: Submerged

Title: Splash

Acrylic, watercolor and spray on canvas, 50 x 50 cm, triptych


Installation titled Observation, consisting of water samples taken from the sea at Splitska every morning and evening during the residency period, water used for cleaning my brushes after painting and found sea algae (washed to shore by the storm). The felt tip pen drawing was created close to the sea, examining the lights reflection and what shaped it created on the water’s surface.



These works were inspired by the natural elements of the island of Brac.