‘Thou art that’

The forest in many cultures, east and west has been associated with the wild, the untamed and the uninhibited. It is the dwelling of the creatures that are free of human restrictions, codes and taboos. These free beings represent both the alternative to human civilization (Shakespeare,monks…) and the intimidating spirits who disobey (the Ramayana).
In the context of this exhibition named “objects of desire” we question the attitudes that turn people into objects. We asume that when human interaction is governed by a predetermined agenda it inevitably turns the other into an object, a platform to execute this agenda. In our forest we offer an opportunity to meet one another free of agendas and free of civilized restrictions. It is a safe space in which everything can happen between two people.

The Forest ensemble is an experimental group that includes professional dancers, somatic practitioners, visual artists, martial arts teachers and consciousness researches. Together they question and explore the nature of human interaction in order to find liberating alternatives for more authentic communication.

Gregory Chevalier, Marta Balla, Ram Mazliach Atkin, Kata H. Jancsó, Zoe Ambrus and Raquel Ruiz

Electronic music: Attila Dòra
Director: Ram M Atkin